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The NLX Alliance is partnering with Polco to offer an innovative engagement platform where residents can directly influence the decision-making process. By using Polco, the NLX Alliance is making public participation easier for many residents by meeting them where they are--online.
Now residents have the chance to become more active and informed participants in the political process by voicing their views to corridor leaders and other residents.
With more people involved, our communities will have more say in what our future looks like.
Residents become active users by creating a free account. Polco’s platform is available via web, mobile app, and email.
Find us at It only asks name, zip code and email address. We encourage people to promote it through professional and personal channels.
Polco tells us they are committed to a strict privacy policy where they only share aggregated de-identified results. Participant detailed data and votes are never shared. Respondents are verified by checking the local database of registered voters. During 2018, we’ll be able to tell our councils, county boards, legislators and congressman just what people are thinking about transportation options



The history of the Northern Lights Express spans more than 40 years, starting in 1975.

To learn more about the changes that have taken place and how Northern Lights Express has grown, read the entire

NLX History Document

Attend a Meeting

The Minneapolis-Duluth/superior Passenger Rail Alliance (NLX Alliance) meets on the fourth Wednesday of most months, starting at 10 a.m. at the Pine County Courthouse. Visit our Meetings page for more info.


Please be aware this website is a work in progress

NLX is ready to build.  Lend your voice to let elected officials know you support transportation options.


Help bring this powerful economic engine to Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Voice Support

Cities, local businesses and community organizations from the Twin Cities to Duluth are lining up to show their support for NLX. Add your group to the growing list by signing up as a supporting organization. Organizations—large and small, nonprofit, public and private sectors—have stepped up. Thank you!

Sign Up for Updates
Sign up to get occasional updates on the progress of NLX and NLX Alliance activities. The Minnesota Department of Transportation also maintains a database of interested people who want to receive project updates and notices of open houses. You can see their site and sign up with MnDOT here.


Contact Elected Officials
Nothing lets your elected representatives know you care about an issue like personal outreach. Take five minutes to make a call, send an email or write a letter to an elected representative to let him or her know you are excited about the economic and lifestyle benefits NLX will bring. 
Here’s a quick and easy tool for locating your elected state officials.  Familiarize yourself with the project by reviewing the latest brochure